Dog services have come a long way in the last 20 years.  Pets are our friends, our companions, our family.  And just like anyone in your family, you want the best for your buddy.  And I understand.  I've had pets and I love their love, their loyalty and they're constant ability to live in the moment and be free.  These are a few of the many reasons I chose to do what I do.  And this is what I do.....

Dog Walking


Dog walking is more than meets the eye.  A professional, well-trained dog walker will not only physically exhaust your dog on a walk, but should also keep your pup mentally stimulated.


From the moment I enter your home or office to pick up your dog, he or she is immediately mentally stimulated and put to work.  This kind of mental attention is what a dog craves.  They want to be challenged.  They want to be worked. And you want to come home to a well rested, happy pooch.


I believe in positive reinforcement and that your dog deserves to have as much attention as possible when we're out and about. For this reason I only walk in groups of 2-3.  I pride myself on what I do.



Boarding is the best part! On your dog's sleepover at Chez Kathryn, your lucky little pooch will enjoy his/her very own bedroom in this spacious Yaletown apartment for 1/3 of what a human would pay across the street at a boutique hotel.  I'd say it's pretty swanky 'round here. Click here for videos


The neighbourhood is surrounded with dog parks and the sea wall which your dog will be sure to have the opportunity to check out on any one of our various walks. This stay comes complete with lots of cuddles, couch time and maybe even a little massage or two.


*cats welcome too

*boarding at your home can be arranged as well

Fine print


As with everything, there is always the fine print.  I am going to physically enlarge the font here so it's not so fine.


  • I will do my absolute best to always ensure the safety of your pet

  • Please know, I am in the process of getting but am currently NOT insured (bonded, yes)

  • Click here for contract that we will go over together before commencing walking and or boarding


Phone 778-239-9787


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Vancouver, BC


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Mon-Fri: 7am-2pm

(excluding boarding and house-sitting)


walks may be booked upon request

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